Thursday, March 22, 2012


I am still peeling E-6000 from my fingers, however I am pretty pleased with the result
of my zipper pin. I guess I could have used fabric fusion or hot glue, or even Elmer's, however I feel that hot glue sometimes puts blobs where you don't want them. The zipper had to be wound very tight in order to look right. I put Triple Thick on when it was dry thinking it would give it a shine, but it actually dulled it down a little. Anyway, now I am wondering if it needs something to jazz it up a little. I could glue feathers on the back. The long feathers are from an Emu, given to me by a friend in Taylor. Some of them have a tinge of blue on the end which I like. The short feathers were in my stash. What do you think about the feather idea, or perhaps another idea; maybe beads? I just think it looks kinda plain and needs something to add some spice. I would love to hear from you.

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