Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Pat's Day

Today we celebrate our Irish heritage. My hubby's Mother was an O'Hogan, which had the O dropped somewhere along the line. We scurried around this morning looking for green shirts to wear today, so we wouldn't get pinched.

SMV stands for slow moving vehicle, and I must say we have gotten a little slower over the years.
The other day I was wearing my green shirt and I was cleaning the sink with bleach; well, you can guess what happened, so I got out my new Olfa Rotary cutter and cut the shirt into strips. This morning I assembled my new necklace to wear.

We decided to try a green martini to go along with the March Madness on TV. The Leprechaun shirt came from my sister who used to walk in the Relay for Life walks. I'm sure she would be happy that I am wearing her shirt drinking a green martini for St. Pat's Day! Have a great weekend.

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