Wednesday, August 28, 2013


My how time fly's when you are having fun ! My desk is fairly clean right now, but I must show you what I have been working on. These flask/belt buckles are so much fun to decorate. Can't wait to wear mine.

I had to experiment a bit to see what worked best in decorating them. Some embellishments are on the flask itself, and some are on the buckle/holder. Be sure to go over to Julia's blog and see what others are doing.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Wow! It is Wednesday afternoon and I'm just getting around to posting my desk.
As usual I have several things going on at once.
I start on one creation, and it makes me think of another, so I try to do them all
at once.
I am decorating some belt buckle flasks; looking for items to put on them made me think of a neat jewelry creation, it is...
Be sure to check here and see what is being created on Julie's blog and around the world. 
The flasks are here and there. I lay them in a little flat dish of rice to dry, so they will lay flat. The pendants near the back are ready to go to a co-op in town.
I finally bought some "Glove in a Bottle"; haven;t tried it yet. There are some completed earrings on the little tree near the back on the right. Chaos breeds creativity at my house.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Easy to make "decor" for the garden

This year all the garden centers were featuring "gazing balls" for the garden.
I decided it would be more fun to make one, than to buy one.
I used a globe from a ceiling light;  sprayed it with acrylic inside, and then put glitter in it.
A clay pot treated the with the same glitter served as a support, to lift it off the ground.
This has held up all summer. Of course these could be made in any size; I used what I had.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Beauty Abounds!

Time on my hands to enjoy the beauty of the great Pacific Northwest!
So many beautiful flowers to paint! It might be hard to do them justice;
I'm sure I will have to try though. A wonderful adventure with family.