Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Daffodils are blooming everywhere, but especially in Camden, Arkansas where they have the annual  Daffodil Festival. There will be booths, and home and garden tours. I wanted to make some book marks for some
special people as a small thank you. I started  with watercolor  but it just wasn't looking bright enough, so I carved 2 daffodil blooms out of rubber and used them with vibrant yellow and orange colors. I had carved one bloom with the leaves and stem, but then I read on line that giving 1 daffodil  bloom brings bad luck, so I cut the leaves off and used 2 flower heads instead.  Bristol board worked much better for stamping than the watercolor paper. I painted the stems and leaves and then wrote Daffodil  Festival and the date on the bottom. Since I had 2 blossoms, I could actually make each one a little different.I used some thin ribbon I had in place of a tassel. They just might get one of my famous fabric flowers also. They are so fun to wear.

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