Thursday, September 30, 2010

Art and Jewels

Wow! I am trying to catch up. The" Blogging Your Way" class is taking so much time, that I don't have time to blog! :>) We have gotten a lot of information in this e-course; I just have to digest it all. We do have some homework, and I am going to attempt to do one of the projects this evening. I am to interview a store manager, take some good  pictures, and write about the store on this blog. Today, everything came together. The Art Hop starts tomorrow night, with a reception on the gallery level of the Library. This event is presented by the Georgetown Art Works.
 Since we do not have an "Art Center" in Georgetown, the art hangs in several stores around the square, as well at the Library.

 Frank Pulliam, of Franklin & Co has been a staunch supporter of the arts. Frank is a jeweler, gemologist, and has a beautiful store at 109 W 7th Street in Georgetown, TX., which is on the square. He has a long wall where the artists hang their art. It is a win, win, situation.
Franklin & Co has been on the square for almost 5 years. He has diamonds galore, of course, but also something very special called Galatea jewelry. A bead of turquoise is implanted into an oyster, where the pearl  forms around the bead.  The pearl is then hand carved so the turquoise is exposed. You can see this beauty at
Another popular item are the unusual clocks; they play music and many parts move on the face of the clock at every hour. People of all ages just love them. Think family Christmas gift !!
I will include a picture of the Galatea jewel and one of the clocks.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Thrifty Buy

I am so excited about my purchase yesterday at the church festival. They had one booth of  hand crafted/pre used items. I enjoy making jewelry, so I am always on the lookout for something unusual. There it was in a little blue box staring right at me, with a $2 price tag; how could I resist ! When I find something like this, I usually end up just wearing it, instead of using it in jewelry making. I bought a choker  recently ( . 50)  thinking I would take it apart and use the beads, but instead I wear the necklace as is. :>)
The festival was great and the weather perfect. No rain, a slight breeze and in the 70s, beautiful !
I had a cheese burger for $1 (unheard of), and a very generous cup of home made ice cream for $1. 
We did not win the new Ford truck they were raffling, but maybe next year.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Brownies and Zoomers

The painting of the brownies was quite different for me. I think I was influenced by Jean Townsend's blog where she has a new painting each day.She did a lot of fruits, vegetables, and cupcakes. I felt like the brownies needed a mate since it was a small 8x8, so I went to my fridge and all I had was some oranges and a lemon. I laid them on a blue and white napkin, and this is what resulted. It kinda goes with the brownie picture, but it would have been better if the oranges were apples, because of the red. Maybe I will have to do a third picture with something red in it.
I had another fun project the other day. I had to paint the word Zoomers (a social club) on 12 wine glasses, 4 mugs and 4 cordials. They are to be door prizes. I washed the glasses, wiped them with alcohol so the paint would adhere, painted the word with enamel for glass, let them dry 48 hours, and then baked them for 30 minutes. That way the paint won't come off in the dish washer. The client was very happy, and I wish I would have taken a picture of one to show you. In my blogging class it said, never pass up a chance like that; I'm still learning.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Black and White

Three artist friends and I hang our art downtown, changing it out about once a month.
Today we all took something that had some black in it. I took 3 pieces that are black ink on white paper.
This picture was taken after it was on the wall, so I had to take it at an angle to avoid a glare.
This one is called "Stirring the Chi". It is about 17x17 with the heavy black frame.
The month of October we celebrate the arts in Georgetown. The Art Hop will feature artists in 5 different locations around town, including our wonderful Library Upper Gallery. First Friday, Oct 1st, there is a reception at the library from 5-8 pm. This is the night when all the stores stay open for music and refreshments. I love Fall when it gets a little cooler; so nice for walking around the square.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brownies and EMS

The other day out of the blue, the fire truck and EMS stopped right across the street. After they carted the neighbor off, we found out that she had fallen and broken her knee. Another neighbor and I decided to take a little dinner over for her and hubby, since she was home now with an ice bag, awaiting a visit to the surgeon. This was the perfect excuse I needed to make brownies! I used that fancy new style pan that looks like an ice cube tray. They came out big and beautiful, so I put some chocolate icing and nuts on top! I knew 2 people could not possibly eat the whole batch of brownies, so I felt it was my duty to help out. I also wanted to paint a few, so I put 4 of them on my favorite plate and set them on an apron. All I had was a square canvas so I had to make it work. I took it to demo/critique class the next day that my friends, Nan & Sue, were having and everyone agreed that they looked good enough to eat. As a matter of fact, they all wanted to know where the real brownies were. Oops!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Favorite

I was cleaning my studio the other day, rearranging art on the wall, trying to make a viewing wall where I can look at a painting in progress to see what needs to be done to it. Anyway, I found this cute little framed elephant. The background is woven watercolor paper (a painting that did not make the grade).His tail is yarn, and his head is an old earring, from the 70s. I named this piece Elephant in Camouflage.

Friday, September 17, 2010


This blogging class is so thorough; there is so much to read and learn. I feel like I am back in school.

We even have homework, however I know that is how you absorb things better. Getting all kinds of tips on better photos, also sizing and processing.

I finished this tree painting, for the tree series, a day or two ago. It is a 12x12 canvas, painted with acrylic. I just love the look of bare trees against the sky. This was almost dark when there was still a little purple in the sky

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blogging class

I am enjoying the blogging class. It is fun to connect with so many interesting people.
Homework, has me giving a lot of thought to the why, how, when, and the "what for" of blogging. Of course I wanted some technical answers about badges, headers, etc., but I guess "Blogging for Dummies" will address those issues. I don't like that title; it makes me feel like a dummie to admit I need the book. I have always tried to be a positive person. :>) The title just sounds like a downer to me. 
The course also teaches how to take better pictures. I missed a good chance today at noon when friends and I went to a cafe that had 12 different kinds of pies. They were beautiful to look at, and would have made a great picture.  My turtle pie was scrumptious and was nearly gone before I thought of snapping a pic.
 I blog to share what I, as an artist, am doing, and learning. It is fun to share your work, even if it never gets put in a gallery. I occassionally will share a special techinique that I like to use. The challenges on-line are there for every day of the week. I love a good challenge, and will be participating in more of them.
 I know I must paint every day in order to be my best.
So much for today. Gotta go paint!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Art Hop

Two of my paintings were juried in to the Art Hop Show this year in Oct. The art will be displayed in a few places around town, including the library and The Framer's Gallery. Prizes awarded, and of course a reception, Oct 1st; should be fun.
I have been working on my tree series, and will post a tree when I get a good photo.
I am taking an on-line class right now which includes photography know how. We will see if I am a good student.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Big daddy

I wanted to show everyone the bull, who is named Raven, even thou he leads a life of Riley!
I have been learning a lot about longhorns, since our 2 sons are raising them. You have to watch that you don't get "horned" (I think there is another name for that), but anyway, their horns are so long that they can hit you when you get too close. I wanted to take pictures, but I kept the fence between us.
I will try to paint Raven soon, or perhaps one of his girlfriends, Magnolia.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ranch life

We spent the long weekend on a ranch with 11 longhorns. One bull and 10 girls!! Lots of family also in attendance.
I took pictures of trees, roots, and vines, and of course the longhorns, when they would allow it. This picture, believe it or not, is part of the bunkhouse where the hunters stay. I love it because of the "decor".
Tomorrow, it is back to work making art. I can't wait to get out that paint!  

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today is a very special day because 49 years ago today I married my best friend, and he is still my best friend. A lot of water has passed over the bridge, as they say; we have stayed afloat and enjoyed 4 great children, and now have 8 grandchildren. "If we would have known the grand kids were so much fun, we would have had them first". I'm sure everyone has heard that saying!! We really do enjoy life, and believe that life is what you make it. You can be happy every day, or you can be otherwise. We choose to be happy and to be thankful. Now if you look real closely at the top of the trees, it spells "LOVE".
Our 9 year old granddaughter pointed this out one evening as we were sitting on their deck.