Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is your silver shiny or black?

While getting ready for guests to come for Thanksgiving dinner, I was polishing some sterling silver pieces, thinking all the while,"I sure wish silver would stay nice and shiny", and also thinking about "gifting" the silver to our children while they are here for a visit. They can polish it next time. It was the same day that I found in my stash a 1935 magazine "The American Home". The cost was 10 cents, and right there in the middle of the magazine was an article touting the beauty of sterling silver. Well, times have changed and this generation is more likely to be selling the sterling silver, rather than polishing it, so I think we'd better hang on to the silver as insurance in our old age. It will probably sell whether it is shiny or tarnished. Black silver can be good for something!! As a matter of fact, this 1935 magazine could be worth something! What do you think?

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