Thursday, January 6, 2011


Whew! I finally got my calendar entry mailed to Cloth Paper Scissors.  This was for their 2012 calendar contest. I took my photos to the post office, and put them through the slot, so hopefully they got to Stow, MA in time to be included in the contest. That is my excuse for not putting the centers in my paper mache flowers. I will post them when they are finished and beautiful.

Today was critique group, after a much too long holiday break. It was fun to see what everyone has been working on. It is always good to get input from fellow artists, as to what is working in a piece, and what is not. I have been doing some framing, so I got some advice on that.

I will be hanging several pieces of art downtown, in the Scentchips Corridor tomorrow.
My wonderful hubby said he would go along to help; he is always ready to step up when I need an extra hand.

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