Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

I can't believe it is Jan. 3rd already! Where does time go?
Anyway Happy New Year to all my friends and family.
I hope the new year is filled with many blessings and new adventures.
I hope to have a few of my own; I have joined the group
"Big dreams, Small Wonders"...a great group of artists.
I have been reading a lot and reflecting on ideas for the new year.
I want to stay true to myself and follow my passion.
I watched Diane Sawyer last evening on the new OWN channel.
She told about her life growing up, and the many opportunities that she had, and TOOK.
She did not shy away from anything. Her father gave her some advice when she got ready to go out into the world.
Do something that you love.
Do it in a most interesting place, or way.
Make sure it helps others.
I think she has done all three.
Hopefully I  too can use this advice in 2011.

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