Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Envelope tutorial

Several weeks ago I posted some envelopes that I had made from magazine pages, here.
A few people have ask me how I did this. The easiest thing to do is to use an old envelope for a pattern. Just take it carefully apart and make the pattern out of a clear plastic or vinyl sheet, so that you can lay this pattern over the paper, or magazine page, and pick out the part you want; that way the design is where you want it. You can get very creative.  Cut it out and glue together.I use a glue stick for the folded in sides, and usually a pretty sticker for the flap, however a glue stick would work there also. I have used wallpaper, heavy magazine pages; really anything heavy enough, and if it isn't heavy enough, just spray with spray adhesive and line it with a matching pattern. You usually need a sticky label on the front to write on. It is fun, and a good way to recycle. The pictures here show 2 patterns, and 2 envelopes made in this manner. One of them is a square with 4 flaps and a pretty sticker holding it all closed. Hope this is clear and you enjoy making your own envelopes!

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