Wednesday, October 20, 2010


That ride in the country on Sunday reminded me about our ride through the countryside while we were visiting in Washington State. We saw an old rusty truck sitting in the field. It had trees and plants growing in the back where the bed of the truck use to be. Being an artist, I thought it was a beautiful sight, and my husband loved it because it was a R190, just like he drove for a summer job in college. He would actually love one of these, however I have discouraged it, because I just can't see us going to the grocery store, or church, in our big R190 truck. :>) My brother-in-law had his camera along, so we brought home pictures and  memories, instead of a truck. I couldn't wait to try painting all of the colors in the rust. This is about a 11X14 watercolor. I like the painting, but hubby is still looking at truck ads.

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