Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall decor

I spent the morning yesterday getting ready for Fall, and especially the many Halloween visitors we will have on Main Street. Many of the homes are decorated with orange lights, pumpkins, skeletons, yard blow ups, tombstones, and on and on. I never really felt the urge to do all that, so I hung a wreath with berries on it, filled the pots with greenery and big net bows, put out Ms. Scarecrow, and bought 25 pounds of assorted candy. The kids and parents come from all over the area to stop by every house on Main Street to get their treats. Hubby and I sit on the steps with our huge basket between us, and take turns dropping candy in the trick or treat containers. I am anxious to see what the favorite costume is this year. There are always plenty of fairies with wings, and hobos. The parents get real creative also with their costumes. This keeps us entertained for a few hours, amazed to see the variety, and the fun everyone is having.

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