Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blogging class

I am enjoying the blogging class. It is fun to connect with so many interesting people.
Homework, has me giving a lot of thought to the why, how, when, and the "what for" of blogging. Of course I wanted some technical answers about badges, headers, etc., but I guess "Blogging for Dummies" will address those issues. I don't like that title; it makes me feel like a dummie to admit I need the book. I have always tried to be a positive person. :>) The title just sounds like a downer to me. 
The course also teaches how to take better pictures. I missed a good chance today at noon when friends and I went to a cafe that had 12 different kinds of pies. They were beautiful to look at, and would have made a great picture.  My turtle pie was scrumptious and was nearly gone before I thought of snapping a pic.
 I blog to share what I, as an artist, am doing, and learning. It is fun to share your work, even if it never gets put in a gallery. I occassionally will share a special techinique that I like to use. The challenges on-line are there for every day of the week. I love a good challenge, and will be participating in more of them.
 I know I must paint every day in order to be my best.
So much for today. Gotta go paint!

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