Thursday, September 30, 2010

Art and Jewels

Wow! I am trying to catch up. The" Blogging Your Way" class is taking so much time, that I don't have time to blog! :>) We have gotten a lot of information in this e-course; I just have to digest it all. We do have some homework, and I am going to attempt to do one of the projects this evening. I am to interview a store manager, take some good  pictures, and write about the store on this blog. Today, everything came together. The Art Hop starts tomorrow night, with a reception on the gallery level of the Library. This event is presented by the Georgetown Art Works.
 Since we do not have an "Art Center" in Georgetown, the art hangs in several stores around the square, as well at the Library.

 Frank Pulliam, of Franklin & Co has been a staunch supporter of the arts. Frank is a jeweler, gemologist, and has a beautiful store at 109 W 7th Street in Georgetown, TX., which is on the square. He has a long wall where the artists hang their art. It is a win, win, situation.
Franklin & Co has been on the square for almost 5 years. He has diamonds galore, of course, but also something very special called Galatea jewelry. A bead of turquoise is implanted into an oyster, where the pearl  forms around the bead.  The pearl is then hand carved so the turquoise is exposed. You can see this beauty at
Another popular item are the unusual clocks; they play music and many parts move on the face of the clock at every hour. People of all ages just love them. Think family Christmas gift !!
I will include a picture of the Galatea jewel and one of the clocks.

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Chris said...

man, that is some really cool jewelry. I really like that Galatea pendant! Wish the my local jeweler would carry something like that, and I'd get one for my wife!