Friday, February 3, 2012

A time to reflect

Friday is a day to think about everything that has gone on this past week.
Think about the joys of life, and the things that make you happy.
Joy is making art with my grand daughter. She loves to paint, and does a fine job. The little frog is for her Mother. Visit Louise at Joy Jam here to see other joyful events.
Bliss is having a cup of Ginger tea. This tea always makes me feel better, whether it is to warm me up or settle my stomach.Blissful moments are different for everyone.
Visit Liv Lane  here and see what made others blissful this week.
Joy for me is participating in "Letter Love 101", a lettering workshop by Joanne Sharpe.
I also enjoyed a stage play; "I Hate Hamlet". It is playing at The Palace Theater.
here in town. It was a great play; very funny.
I hope you all have a joy filled day . Remember to count your blessings, and join us here next Friday with your special memories of the week.

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