Friday, February 17, 2012

Bliss and Joy

I can't separate the two. Every Friday it is time to think back over the week and
remember what brought you joy, or bliss. There are sites out there dedicated to this purpose.
One is here, Liv Lane has a very colorful and interesting blog. The other one is here. Louise Gale is traveling in Australia, so she has a lot of Bliss to share, as well as her readers.
My list is short but sweet:
My hubby made the best chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine's Day.
We had wonderful friends visiting for a few days.
Attended a great college reunion and saw "older" classmates. :>)
Visited a friend who just got out of the hospital.
Celebrated our engagement anniversary, which is the day before Valentine's Day
with steaks, salad, and Texas Peach wine that we bought at The Wine Sellers in Salado.
I am truly grateful for all the Joy and Bliss this week.

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