Monday, December 6, 2010

Hula Hoops

I feel like this lad who has 3 or 4 hula hoops on at once; trying to keep everything in motion.
Too much to do today, but  I'm getting there. Everyone on our block has their Christmas lights shining except us. Going to wait now until it warms up a bit.
I failed to write my 3 pages every  morning, ( as suggested by Julie Cameron in The Artist's Way ), while we were traveling, and it sure makes a difference. I believe that is why I feel so disorganized. Writing helps me get my thoughts and plans in order for the day. I have been writing 3 pages each morning for about 12 years. If you are feeling disorganized, just try writing random thoughts and see if this helps.
We have been getting Christmas cards each day.  Hopefully time will allow for me to make some cards this year.Sometimes I make a card that can be used as an ornament also..

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