Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WOYWW already!!

This past week has been wonderful, but seemed to fly by. Had a wonderful time with the family for Thanksgiving. Now it is back to work!
My desk today is full of many projects. I am "thinking" about Christmas cards...I know, it is late.
Some jewelry to go to the co-op. Santa Clause with his red tennis shoes on; he is going to help me get it all done. Please go over to Julie's site and see what others are doing. Maybe they are more organized that I am. I plan on using the plastic snowflake ornament for a stencil, as well as the red cardboard with the holes, when I try out my Gelli plate. The photo in the frame is going to the Gallery today. The little tiny frame on the right is probably 100 years old. It is very fragile. It needs a new mylar insert to protect the picture. Today is a good day!


Anonymous said...

Happy WOYWW! That snowflake should make a lovely stencil. You have plenty of time to make cards, if you you feel you want to. Some years it's "in the cards" (pun intended) and some years it's not. Happy WOYWW! Laura #84

Lisa-Jane said...

Great idea to use that snowflake as a stencil - I look forward to seeing what you do with it. #49

Victoria said...

Gorgeous desk..beautiful the jewelery! The snowflake is super magical.and will make alovely stencil! and love that frame and painting...absolutely stunning and beautiful!What a sweet Teddy bear in the backdrop. Happy Creating!
Victoria #92

~Rasz~ said...

You could never tell by your desk that you are unorganized at all! The picture is beautiful and I love the mat and frame. And then to have this little 100 year old frame? That is wonderful! Have a great week! Rasz (no # this week, just visiting)