Wednesday, November 27, 2013


My desk has not been this clean for months.It looks nice, but it means there are no projects are going on.
What it does mean, is that my favorite people are coming to have Thanksgiving dinner with us; 4 children and 7 of the 8 grandchildren, and various other relatives.
There are some ornaments on the left ; the little bottle with a picture and glitter, made by friend Dixie.  Also a Kelly Rae Roberts candle. I made the tree from sheet music. I love my "glove in the bottle", and my tacky glue! Peacock feathers inspire me; the barn "purse" was painted back in the early 70s, when I took some classes in decorative painting from Gerry Klein, back in St. Louis. I use it to hold wet wipes. The pencils are handy for my little artist, grand daughter who will be here. They are in a leather holder made by son, Chris. "Believe" of course, is what I do every day. The water color on the wall is one of my favorite paintings. If you want to see what others are busy doing this Holiday week, go to Julie's site and click on a name.


Laura said...

Your desk is looking very colorful and clean! I'm having Thanksgiving here tomorrow, but my den is a disaster. I plan to play some more today and then clean it up tonight. Hope you have a wonderful holiday with so many of your family members with you. Happy WOYWW. ~ Laura #77

Victoria said...

Such a super gorgeous desk and creative area..I love it all..thanks for sharing..everything is so that painting too..stunning..and love the barn..very enchanting..! Peacock feathers are so magical..wonderfully inspiring! Enjoy your company and celebration and all the kiddies..and have fun!

Lorraine said...

happy your jewellery on the mannequin

Nancy said...

Wow, people are always telling me that my desk is clean but yours is super clean! Enjoy your family and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Happy WOYWW!

Rita said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

Maxam Made said...

your work desk looks very inviting!!Thank you for Sharing and have a wonderful week!! Ginny #19