Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spooky Night

We gave out 25 lbs. of candy in about 21/2 hours this year. Finally just turned off the porch light.I have no idea how much we would have to buy to take care of all of the trick or treaters. Most of the " little" goblins came out early, so that is good. It is fun to see how some of the adults dress; you can see that there were some pretty weird characters roaming the streets. Buzz Light Year was a hit this year, and hundreds of little "Marios" were running around collecting their candy.
The orange lights are coming down, and soon it will be time for the Christmas lights.
Time seems to fly by, and as we get older, it flys faster. Why do you think it happens that way?
I hope all of the younger people will realize this, and stop and enjoy each  moment.

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