Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Well, here it is Wednesday already and I'm moving slowly.
My desk is the place for everything I'm THINKING about doing, and some things I am actually working on. It always seems like a jumble, but it makes perfect sense to me.
The poppy pendants are drying after I put pouring medium on them; not sure that is going to work; might dry cloudy.The right side of my desk holds some ideas for rings. Didn't have a lot of luck with that project. Finally, the Soul Collage book which I am reading, and anxious to get started making Soul Collage cards. I feel like I have to read the whole book first to get the concept. Please check here at Julie's blog, and see if everyone's desk is as messy as mine.


Stacy Sheldon said...

oh that is so cool that you have so many things going on at once, both the pendants and the rings. :) Thanks for the visit! ~Stacy #83

Krisha said...

Beautiful dominos ready for pendants.

Interesting looking book, keep us updated on what it says.

Thanks for sharing
Krisha #20

jill said...

Don't the domino's look good . Happy woyww Jill #32

Kim said...

Love the domino's...I'll follow up to see how the pouring medium works. I can't wait to see how you make out with the book...
Happy WOYWW!
Kim #91

Ann B said...

Love dominoes and I have poppy stamps on my desk as well this week.
Short visit this week I'm afraid, very late today with the linking up.
Ann B

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Pat....WOYWW snooping your desk, like me I see more than one project on the go at one to stop and look and tweek I think. I'm liking your poppy pendants. Cheers and have a super week RobynO#38

Lorraine said...

looks like a good book