Sunday, September 15, 2013

Estate Sales

I love to go to Estate sales. In a way it is sad to see everything being sold off, especially when the old gentleman is sitting there on the sofa while you are going through his things. Estate sales usually have all those "junk drawer" items, which have usually been in hiding for many years, only to be gotten out to get rid of, as well as the antiques etc. We don't have room for any more furniture, but I picked up these pillow cases with beautiful lace edging, that you just don't see any more. I also found a tiny baby fork that matches my sterling pattern. There are no babies in the immediate future, so I might use it in my jewelry making....then again, maybe
not. At least that was my excuse to buy it. :>)

1 comment:

Karen Ives said...

I have a great collection of cloths and things with lace trim, I need your pillowcases!!
Karen #69