Sunday, May 5, 2013

Safety Pin Bracelet Tutorial

Do you remember these?
Not sure how many years ago these were popular.
The elastic had stretched in my daughter's bracelet,

so I restrung it so her daughter can enjoy it.
I decided to restring my own. This one is made with tiny
hand made clay beads with tiny patterns and designs in them.
When some friends saw mine, they ask for one.
I found some curved safety pins; not necessary, but nice.
I used a mixture of glass beads. When stringing them on the elastic,
you alternete heads and tails of the pins for a more even look.
String a small bead between each pin.
It took 30 pins to fit around my wrist.
The secret is finding beads that fit on the safety pin. The hole has to be big enough for the pin, but the bead small enough so the pin will close. A variety of colors is especially nice; goes with everything.

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