Saturday, August 4, 2012

No chocolate here!

Contrary to what some may think, I have not been sitting around
eating chocolate truffles in this 100 degree heat.
I have been working on a mountain scene, from a photo I took on my recent trip to the desert.
This piece is a collage of hand painted rice paper, watercolor, acrylic,
pouring medium;  anything it took to get the job done. 
The sky at dusk, is casein painted rice paper, that I have been saving for just the right project It was much brighter, but seemed to fight with the main subject of the mountains, so I calmed it down with watercolor. The far away mountains started out at brown craft paper, but their dullness bothered me, so I poured acrylic pouring medium, mixed with gold interference paint, and made ridges in the mountains with the end of my paint brush. This is the way they looked from afar in the beautiful Chihuahua Desert. The mountains in the foreground were layered with citra-solv  pages using the National
Geographic. If you haven't tried this little project, you just might become addicted, because  each page is totally different from the other, and something I could never come up with using paint. I love the unexpected, so this project appealed to me. Last, but not least, there is hand made paper, that I purchased from the art supply store; it is very hairy and  gives the appearance of "brush" in the foreground. Because everything is covered with acrylic medium, it does not need glass. I decided not to use a mat, as it had a totally different look with a mat. This photo does not do it justice, as the shine from the pouring medium is like taking a photo under glass, and that usually doesn't work for me. Something fun and different for me to try. Can't decide

whether to use a more weathered frame.  I like the way the gold of the frame plays off the mountains in the background, but I'm not sure about it. Let me know what you think.
This picture is really small, but I guess that is because it is so long! It is actually 10X27 inches.

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