Friday, May 4, 2012

Block printing my way

This past week Amy Guadagnoli, who makes wood block prints, spoke at the
Williamson County Art Guild meeting. She cuts her blocks, and prints each one by
hand, making a mono-print. I was so inspired that I decided to make my own print, on a much smaller
scale, using the Staedtler Master Carving Block. I cut a piece 31/2 X 61/2 and drew on the design.
These blocks are so easy to carve; it's like cutting butter! Having never carved anything quite this size,
it was a little challenging. I did not want it to be too perfect, but more organic looking, so I think it
worked out pretty well. I tend to make circles and curves when I make marks; this is what happened.
The connecting circles depict how everything is connected in the universe. The dove of peace flies in
the spiral sky above the rising sun, and the wheel is a sign of moving forward. I used some screen
printing inks on rice paper (this is the bright one). Lumiere paints were used on the black paper,
and black on the white rice paper. I'm sure I will be doing more of these because I love the unexpected, the surprises, that you get with the whole process.

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