Monday, December 26, 2011

Creative adventure

These beautiful colored "scraps" are what is left from the making of saris. I bought a skein, unraveled it, and have been having a ball creating. I used a blank cuff bracelet, using double stick tape to start the fabric on the inside. Because the strip is so narrow, it wraps easily around the bracelet. I stitched it at the end, and then glued little mirrors and gems on here and there. I may also make a necklace of some kind. Does anyone have any ideas for using these strips? I guess you could knit or crochet with them also; haven't tried that yet.
Does anyone out there in blog land remember the blouses we crocheted with strips of fabric, tying little tags of fabric here and there? I wish I still had mine. I would love to see a picture if someone still has one. I probably made mine 30 or 40 years ago. I loved it, but I remember that it did not stretch much so you had to have a correct fit. Let me know your creative ideas.

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