Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Friend Remembered

Two weeks ago my friend of 55 years died suddenly. She was planning and packing for a trip to Switzerland.
It only emphasized  how we do not know when our life on earth will end; when we will get to go on another journey. I have always felt that when we die, we will be able to travel and see every place we ever wanted to go.
This morning when I opened my e-mail, there was a note from Jacqueline who writes a beautiful encouraging blog, called "Deep Roots at Home" . It had wonderful pictures taken in Switzerland, with words of encouragement under each picture. This was a special gift to me this morning;  it  became my prayer, as I remembered my good friend. It let me know that Norma is enjoying Switzerland in all its glory, but she doesn't have to deal with airport security, or even lug around a suitcase. I feel blessed.

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