Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On to new adventures

 Cleaning up my studio and putting away my fabrics for awhile. I feel like painting; maybe it is because of the heat, I'm not sure. Painting just seems like a cooler project, and there are some new things I have been wanting to try. We have had triple digit heat for over a month now with only a small amount of rain one evening.  My new Inktense pencils are very bright when water is used with them. I have used them on fabric, but will experiment on paper this weekend. You can read about the pencils here. The interesting thing is they are permanent after they dry and you can paint over them, unlike other watercolor pencils. This is not a commercial for Derwent even though it might look like it.  :>)  The jury is still out on these pencils. Will see how the paper projects work out, and I will report back.

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