Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Busy Bee

My last post was a week ago. Since then I have gotten a year older; we had a wonderful celebration with family members in honor of 50 years of marriage. Still can't believe that, but it's true. Also carrying around a big black boot on my left foot, as a result of falling in the produce isle at our local grocery store. My hubby dubbed me "Produce Patty"!  So you see, I really do have a good excuse for not being here.
My sister and brother-in-law were here from WA. We took a day trip to Salado and stopped in the quilt shop.
I got some beautiful fabrics to use on my Madonna series. The men sat outside on a bench and waited patiently while we looked at every piece of fabric in the store. Can't wait to get creative in my studio. Sister Kay also brought me some old lace and old fabric that she had in her stash. She makes beautiful quilts; I will show you one soon. Also enjoyed showing my brother and sister-in-law from OHIO, our great little city. Wow, I've been busy; makes me tired thinking about it. I will get some rest and fill you in on other things in a day or two.

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