Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Bells

This is my grandmother, Marie, on her wedding day. It looks like she might have had a veil that went to the floor.
Her groom seems to be there in the background, but I didn't focus on him when I made this piece.
Using what I learned in KC's workshop I started with a photo transfer and then applied old, and made to look old, fabrics and lace. I used the lace on the left to replicate her veil that I love so much. This piece is about 9X12. My idea was to glue it on top of a box so that I could put her treasures inside, however it turned out too special to glue down; can't do that just yet. I will probably make another one for the box.
I thought it an excellent way to keep track of who's stuff is who's!! I think our children would appreciate that.

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